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Established 2000 


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Client Testimonials

"If you have ever wanted to improve your life, in any way, and have always had dreams and goals that remained just beyond your grasp, then personal coaching is an investment that you should consider. If you are already in a good job but would like to achieve much more than you already have, working with Laverty Consulting can help you accomplish that.

I have worked with Tracy throughout my career in business and academia. She has helped me in different stages of my career: from entry-level to executive to career change to PhD. This is what makes Tracy’s way of coaching different – she adapts her coaching for the needs of her clients, becoming their liaison to success.

I am 42 years old, and I don’t have a lot of time waste. I wanted results, so I knew it was time to call Tracy again. Tracy helped me discover what was driving my actions and what I really wanted verses what I thought I should want. She showed me how to recognize and listen to my intuition, and I made the happy discovery that when I make decisions from the heart, I have a sense of peace in knowing I did the right thing.

This is not to say that Tracy promises a “pie-in-the-sky” life. As a seasoned sales trainer, business owner, personal coach, and mother, Tracy understands that we all have responsibilities. As a result, she tailors her coaching to match the needs and requirements of her customers, thereby showing them how to keep their life in order, make smart decisions, and follow their dreams. As my liaison, Tracy has helped me dream big – but with a systematic plan.

Coaching keeps me on my correct path and propels me forward as nothing else has ever done. Through coaching, I have discovered how to differentiate between what I truly want and what society dictates. The coaching sessions also help keep me accountable so I know I will continue to make forward progress.

I would highly recommend coaching to anyone, no matter where you are in life. Laverty Coaching & Consulting will help you define your dreams, determine your goals, and will put you on the path that leads straight to your best life, the one you have always felt you should be living.

Thanks for more than I ever imagined!"


Elizabeth B. Jamison
Owner, Writeword Editing & Writing Services


"Tracy Laverty is a nurturing, caring, and supportive coach.  Her energy is calming, peaceful and empowering. She is objective and open-minded as she attentively listens and personalizes each coaching session based on her clients background, lifestyle and needs.  For example, she provided me with insightful stories with powerful morals, supportive guidance and insightful next steps toward my new spiritual journey.  I would recommend a complimentary consultation with Laverty Consulting, so you can have first hand experience into her supportive and empowering Law of Attraction coaching." 
Parul Gupta
Socially Savvy Consulting

"Tracy is a detail oriented facilitator with an interactive approach to coaching. She was always ready and eager to fix new problems and was always available when we needed her to help us reach our goals. With her help, we were able to reach our Customer Satisfaction goals and helped us plan for future success. She is a person you need by your side if you are looking to get to the next level."

David Ortiz eCommerce Director / Sales Manager at Rogers Auto Group


"Tracy Laverty is terrific!  I have worked with a number of coaches over the years, but have never worked with one who so quickly can provide outstanding insights into how you operate and what you need to do to be successful.   In just one session, she pointed out a priority of mine that I more or less sensed was there, but had a hard time articulating.  That has given me new focus.  Not only is she skilled, but she is very pleasant, easy to talk to, with a great personality.  If you want to have more success, fun, fulfillment or whatever is important to you in life, Tracy can guide you to your desired dream.  I give her my highest endorsement."


Jim Waszak
Success Enhancement, Inc.


"Tracy has a highly effective style of coaching groups of individuals. Tracy's ability to tailor her training style to an individual is unmatched by any professional coach I have dealt with. Tracy can read the individual she is working with and teach to that individual’s strengths and weaknesses. I would recommend Tracy's expertise to anyone looking to improve themselves professionally or personally."
Jason Kontos, Trans Union


"You have the tools to clear out the static and to concentrate on what's important, so that I could achieve my goals. You are a great person as well as a great coach."
Jose Garcia, Financial Analysist


"Tracy, I could count on you to be 100% online as a coach and you always listened to me as greatness."
Janice Brown, Founder of a new newspaper for dog owners in Chicago


"It gave me the time and foundation to start the process of thinking about my life plan. I have a lot of homework to do!"

Joanne H--Dabble Client


"Great opportunity to learn more about yourself and identify ways to make your life more fulfilling. Thanks for partnering with me!"

Julie K--Dabble Client


"It was refreshing and positive."

Virginia G--Dabble Client