Love and Leadership Development

Laverty Consulting

Established 2000 


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                                Self-Coaching Opportunity 

Below is a Self-Coaching structure to support you with achieving your personal and professional goals. I challenge you to do this every day for 30 days and see how you feel and what transforms in your life! 

Each area is customizable. Go within and find your questions and answers.

       1. Co-create the Garden of your Mind—what are the 3 daily mantras you want to plant?

             I am Love     I am Energy     I am a Child of God

2. Four Questions to Start your day

     How do I want to feel today? I feel ________, _________, _________, ______.

     What do I want to attract today? I attract________, _______, ______, _______.

     What do I want to give today? I give________, ________, _________, ______.

     What am I grateful for today? I am grateful for_______, _____, ______, ______.

3. Be Conscious of Moment by Moment Thoughts/Choices/Actions throughout the day.

4. Six Questions for End of day. Give yourself a score of 1-10 and share your day/feelings.

     How well did  I emanate Love today?


     How well did I exude Confidence today?


     How Prosperous did I feel today?


     How much did I Laugh today?


     What Risks did I take today?


          How did I move forward on my business Goals? 

I encourage you to select a Coach or a Friend to share your answers with every day for additional Fun and Accountability.  These ideas are universal wisdom that has been shared throughout the years, I am merely compiling some structures that may serve you.