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If you have any questions or would like to experience a Peak Experience  complimentary Coaching Consultation, please contact Tracy at 312-922-2259 or via email at As well, I am happy to share materials for this activity!

Peak Experience Activity 

Tracy defines Peak Experiences as those times in your life that you feel fully ALIVE, passionate, fulfilled and just 100% REAL.  We all have moments or days where we feel that magical feeling, and Tracy is all about having MORE of those moments in your lifetime.  Tracy is all about having your life be FILLED with those moments, so that to come up with 10 is so hard because there are so MANY. 


Peak Experiences can also be accomplishments and moments where the very nature of you are defined.  At times, those moments when you are right in them do not seem like Peak Experiences, but afterwards you can say, yep, I learned a lot, and I am coming out the other side MORE authentic and more ME than I was before. 


Listed below are the top Ten Peak Experiences for Tracy Laverty.  She shares this with you so that you can get to know her better and can decide on whether you would want to hire someone with these experiences and perspectives as your coach.


Ten Peak Experiences for Me, Tracy Laverty


1. Earning and saving more than $30,000 by the time I was 18 and thus paying for college with cash and scholarships (and continuing to do that throughout my life).


2. Traveling through Europe for 3 months on my own at 21.


3. Attracting male partners who embody love, kindness and generosity like no one I have ever met in my life.


4. Starting my business in May of 2000 and having a profitable and fun business right from the start.


5. Adopting my cat, SWEETS=-), on August 4, 2001 when he was 12 years old through an intuitive calling and he turned out to be a soul connection who I still love with all my heart.


6. Traveling to over 16 countries and 25 states and embracing the locals, the customs, the music and their “life” while I visited.

7. Continuing to create a closer relationship with my family and friends.


8. Coming out of a period of spiritual sadness with the gifts of humility, gratefulness and the perspective of small miracles everywhere and a deep experience of the light and dark sides of life.


9. Creating my daughter, Ireland Grace Laverty, through donor insemination—at home, no medication and on the first try=-)  Every day I strive to be the best mom I can be.


10. Living the Mark Twain quote, “Sing like no one’s listening, love like you will never be hurt, dance like no one’s watching and live each moment like it is heaven on earth.”.


I have been SO blessed and grateful for all of these moments and more. I work with my clients to discover their values, so they can create a life plan.  One way to do that even if you do not decide to hire a coach is to get with a partner, and each of you take an hour to share your top five peak experiences. 

 Find a partner that you love and trust
 Share your top five Peak Experiences
 Have your partner write down the common words or phrases
 Discuss at the commonalities of the stories at the end of the sharing
 Try on some of those words and phrases as you top values
 Complete the Life Plan document to include your values
 Set up another time where you can listen to your partner


After I did this, I came up with my Top Five Values:

1. Love and connection
2. Adventure
3. Integrity
4. Learning and growth
5. Health

What are your top 10 Peak Experiences and top 5 Values? How would your life be different if you were aware of them and you LIVED by them?