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You were able to allow yourself to dream about your biggest goals? (Visualizing)


You cleared up your thoughts and energy, so you could access your intuition, which would let you know what to do or who to be in every moment? (Inspiring actions)


You were able to manifest things, people and experiences that you never believed possible—literally doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want every single day? (Living large)


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Where to focus when you are feeling ungrounded? Try finding your authentic Drishti!

October 2013

Hello and welcome to my first blog!  Thanks for reading=-)

I practice yoga each week, and while doing balance positions the teacher tells us to focus on a “Drishti” or a focal point to maintain one’s balance.  The instructor generally says something to the effect of, “make sure to focus on a point that is NOT you, you in the mirror or any other moving object”.  I was thinking about this principle when I was coaching one of my clients.  She wanted to find her center or her inner balance, and I brought up the concept of Drishti.  

After the session I talked with my coach about it, because I thought it was rather profound.  I could feel a deep knowing that in order for me to find my balance and to maintain my groundedness, I would need to find a point outside of myself to focus upon while bringing my awareness inward.  For me, that point is my spirituality or “god”.  When I am most ungrounded, what I need to do is to focus on my prayer/god and spirituality while bringing my awareness inward towards my intuition and pure knowing. The very LAST thing that would work for me would be to focus on “me” or my “ego” as that would keep me in perpetual circles=-) 

In summary, I found it to be helpful for myself and my clients to find that “thing” outside of oneself that can serve as your focal point or sanity point especially when things get topsy turvy.  If we focus on our issues or our ego, that is a sure recipe for more of the same upheaval and going in circles. 

Life Link: Try using your personal Drishti in the next few days both when you are feeling good and grounded, so you can strengthen it. Also focus upon your Drishti when you are having an upsetting moment…and feel the power of focusing outside of yourself and handing your issue or challenge over to your outside focal point. Let yourself be carried…….=-) 

Feel free to share your thoughts or your experiences of strengthening and leveraging your outside focal point in your life’s opportunities.

Thanks for reading!



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