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                             Harnessing the Laws of Attraction

What if….

You were able to allow yourself to dream about your biggest goals? (Visualizing)


You cleared up your thoughts and energy, so you could access your intuition, which would let you know what to do or who to be in every moment? (Inspiring actions)


You were able to manifest things, people and experiences that you never believed possible—literally doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want every single day? (Living large)


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November 29, 2013

It was Black Friday and I was heading downtown for a quick return and then to meet a friend for lovely late afternoon chat.  I had this feeling come over me that I wanted to stay in peace no matter what….(a part of me knowing it was shopping Friday, so the crowds and all were going to be one of the challenges=-).  This is such basic Law of Attraction in action here, but I left with plenty of time and headed downtown on the bus, and I waited for 30 minutes and enjoyed the wait.  There was someone smoking in the bus seating area where I would normally sit, but I stood and enjoyed the weather. When I arrived at Eddie Bauer there was a long line of course, and I would normally be impatient perhaps or a little antsy, but I just relaxed and enjoyed the line…people out buying lovely presents for their loved ones….and on and on.


You get the idea.  I just stayed in the flow consciously.  I am sure I have done that before, but it really struck me that this is a minute by minute…moment by moment choice that we each have.  If we want peace…peace in fact is the only way=-)


Laverty Life Links:  Notice how you feel when you are in various “states”….really notice how it feels to be in “utilitarian mode” and getting things done and being efficient, or being in “worry mode” or being in the “go with the flow in love mode”…..and from that noticing you perhaps will make different choices that feel better for you and your body, mind and spirit.  Remember peace is a feeling chosen moment by moment…and you can always get into it in the very next moment=-)

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