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List of Courses that Tracy Laverty is Trained to Facilitate

Laverty Consulting provides Contract Training to organizations.  Tracy’s clients hire her to facilitate training courses that assist their coworkers to achieve their goals and thus achieve company initiatives. Her ability to facilitate new courses embodying the spirit and the language of the company is second to none.   
Listed below is a sampling of the courses that Tracy Laverty has facilitated.  The courses are primarily Leadership, Professional Development and Sales.

Achieve Global Programs:

Professional Selling Skills: Coaching

Professional Sales Negotiations

Account Development Strategies

Professional Selling Skills: Core

Professional Selling Skills: Applications

Quality Service Skills


Franklin Covey Programs:

FOCUS: Achieving your Highest Priorities

Presentation Advantage

Writing Advantage


Wilson Learning Program:

Coach Development Workshop I and II

Social Styles


College of Lake County Programs:

Conversational Feedback with Dialogue

Presentation Skills for Maximum Impact

Business Writing for Results


Other Training Programs:


Power of Positive Communications

Performance Leadership: Turning Stress into Success

Conducting Effective Meetings

Gold of the Desert Kings



* Please Note: As an experienced trainer, I am able to easily learn and deliver your courses as well. It is also possible to create a program to meet your needs. Thank you for your attention=-)