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Laverty Consulting

Established 2000 


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Information about the Complimentary Coaching Consultation


The coaching relationship begins with a phone call or e-mail requesting a complimentary consultation.  You and Tracy schedule a 45-minute session, so you can experience a coaching session as well as determine the next steps for a coaching partnership with Tracy. Some clients decide to catapult into the coaching partnership without the session as well!


You and Tracy will discuss what breakthroughs you'd like to achieve through coaching and establish a time frame for those achievements.   Tracy will answer any questions you may have about the coaching process and then you'll begin your mini-coaching session.  Because of the groundwork that is laid, the actual coaching portion will be significantly less than during subsequent sessions.

At the end of the 45-minutes, you will have the opportunity to say what went well for you and what could have gone better.  Tracy will tell you how she's feeling about the potential coaching relationship as well. 


You will have a feeling about whether Tracy is the coach you need to achieve the dreams and goals you have set forth during the session.


If you and Tracy decide that she is the partner to assist you in achieving your goals, you will decide which coaching plan you would like to select.  She will send you her intake package that includes her intention, a contract and a questionnaire.


When the groundwork is completed, the journey begins.  You and Tracy will set up a time for your first coaching session. Be prepared, because once you begin your coaching sessions, you will experience a natural flow of inspired actions.  It is a powerful and transformational  experience where you will begin to see yourself and your life in a new light. 


Tracy's mission is to create breakthroughs in human performance and Self Awareness; her intention for every call is for you to experience both of those objectives in a very personal and meaningful way for you.