Love and Leadership Development

Laverty Consulting

Established 2000 


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Coaching with Tracy

Discover your Values
Create your Goals and Take Action
Confront your Fears
Celebrate and Build upon your Successes
Coaching with Tracy is not about becoming a “better person”…it is about releasing your fears and masks, so you can be more of who YOU truly are and less of who you think you need to be.  Coaching is about feeling good and being connected to your intuition. 
Tracy serves as a liaison to your inner knowing, your most vivid dreams and your most courageous self.  She partners with you to see the many personal and professional paths that are available to you.  This allows you to feel at choice in your life.


Coaching with Tracy revolves around discovering your values, so that you can select your top goals and create action plans.  Tracy has a process that includes breaking down each goal into really small steps, so that even in the face of a daunting goal, you will achieve it when the time is right.  As you experience success, you will naturally take larger steps and will have that sense of joy and freedom that you were born to feel.
Tracy Laverty’s Foundational Belief Systems
We create the following:  our reality, what shows up in our lives, (i.e., what we attract), what doesn’t show up in our lives and how we feel.
We are free to choose and to be responsible for our lives.
We are meant to feel full of joy and to be authentic and that is our main purpose.
Everything happens for a reason and allows us to learn and grow.
If someone “triggers” us, there is something for us to look at, to heal and then that person or that event will not trigger us anymore.  
We cannot change others, but if we look at ourselves honestly, we can change ourselves and then our experience of others will inherently change.  
What others think of us is none of our business!
If we are quiet, God will provide the answers and the guidance for what is next for us.
"If the answers are within us, why should I hire a coach?"
Tracy’s goal through the coaching process is to guide you so that you can create and solidify YOUR core belief systems.